Kastmasters for Trout

One of the best all around lures to have in your box while fishing is a Kastmaster.  They have been around forever and its because they work and work very well.  I do have a Kastmaster styled lure that I sell and its on the site.  It works great for trout and it works on the land locked Salmon on Lake Oroville and likely near you too.  Kastmaster for trout, I like to troll but have used them effectively casting in streams and rivers.  I have lots of sizes to choose from, starting at 1 gram up to 112 gram or 4 oz on the big ones.  I like silver the best to start out with and we have gold Kastmaster styled spoons too.


We  have added Swimbaits for Stripers to our inventory, please check them out.  Initially we liked them mainly for Stripers but they work great on large Black Bass as well as well as other species of fish, give them a try