Blue Fox Spinners, what is your favorite color to use?

When it comes to trout fishing in freshwater, choosing the right color for your spinner can make a significant difference in your success. While personal preferences may vary, one color that tends to be highly effective is silver. The reflective properties of silver mimic the appearance of small baitfish, which trout often feed on.

When it comes to blue fox spinners, a popular choice among anglers is the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinner in the silver color. This spinner features a flashy silver blade that attracts trout by creating vibrations and flashes of light in the water. The silver color, combined with the spinner's unique design and action, makes it an excellent choice for enticing trout.

Many anglers have reported great success using the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinner in silver for trout fishing. The spinner's blade rotation and vibration create a lifelike motion that can trigger aggressive strikes from trout. Additionally, the silver color effectively imitates the natural prey of trout, increasing the chances of attracting bites.

When using the Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinner in silver, it is important to consider the water conditions and adjust your fishing techniques accordingly. In clear water, a slow and steady retrieve can work well, allowing the spinner to shine and flash in the sunlight. In murkier water or when trout are less active, a more aggressive and erratic retrieve may be necessary to grab their attention.

My favorite combination is Silver and Orange, seems to produce more fish wherever I go.  

Ultimately, the success of any fishing lure depends on various factors such as water conditions, time of day, and the behavior of the fish. It's always a good idea to experiment with different colors and techniques to find what works best for you in your specific fishing environment. Happy trout fishing!


Robert Hightower